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DfE Report: Mental health and wellbeing provision in schools

Written by George Matthews


Recently the DfE published a research project on the information schools provide to support their pupils’ wellbeing and mental health. The report uses a sample to assess activities and approaches adopted in different schools to help schools promote pupil wellbeing. The report findings will be used by the DfE to further understand how it can assist schools to meet their legal obligations in the future to support mental health and wellbeing in school communities. 

From the sample, five primary schools used Team Teach to train staff in de-escalation and positive handling techniques for children and young people’s services. Team Teach was referenced in the report as a key provider of “evidence informed programmes involving whole-school approaches and/or staff training within the behavioural and anti-bullying policies that were aimed at establishing positive learning environments”. Click here to read the full report and find out more about the activities and approaches adopted by the schools to promote positive learning environments. 




Greater Protection for Children with Disabilities

Written by George Matthews

‘Thousands of children with disabilities will now have more legal protection against schools excluding them. This follows a landmark case involving the parents of a teenager with autism. Solicitor Polly Sweeney: the decision will give disabled children the “same safeguards, protections and rights” as other pupils

Success – All Team Teach training courses are CPD accredited!

Written by George Matthews

Team Teach has been approved as an accredited CPD provider.  The training course materials for 1 day Foundation , 2 day Basic, advance modules and our intermediate and advanced trainer courses have all been accredited by the CPD Accreditation Service.

Greetings from the new Team Teach Management partners!

Written by George Matthews

Greetings from the new Team Teach Management partners! As you will have read from George’s announcement below, we are delighted about completing the transaction and look forward to working with all of you. TT has grown over the past 20 years to become one of the leading positive behaviour packages in the UK, this is due in no small part to the vision and drive of George himself and a team of dedicated trainers who have created a highly valued training suite. In order to ensure the continuation of this legacy George has agreed to remain actively involved in the business, assuming the role of Chairman.

Team Teach Joins Empowering Learning and TimePlan Education Group.

Written by George Matthews

Team Teach Ltd has been acquired, the buyer is a UK company, based in London with interests in training and recruitment. The Group of companies is led by Azam Mohammed (Group CEO) and his management team, who are backed by Graphite Capital, a credible mid-size private equity house. The Group specifically consists of Empowering Learning Ltd and TimePlan Education Group Ltd, both companies operate independently, as will Team Teach..